Terms of service



    Terms of service.


    Terms of service – Ontdek Autisme – since 1 september 2015

    Complaints procedure

    Article 1 – Definition of terms
    Targeted Support for People (Ontdek Autisme)
    Ontdek Autisme offers guidance and coahcing to people and is registered with the Chamber
    of Commerce in Zwolle under number 60480505.

    The client or his legal representative, or the coachee.

    Ontdek Autisme, the organization that carries out the client’s assignment.

    An offer to an agreement that Ontdek Autisme makes to the client released. The General Terms and Conditions Ontdek Autisme apply to this.

    Care agreement
    An agreement to provide care between Ontdek Autisme and the client. On this the Terms and Conditions Ontdek Autisme apply.

    The rate calculated for care provision is exempt from VAT if the client a valid AWBZ indication can consult Ontdek Autisme. If no valid AWBZ indication can be submitted, Ontdek Autisme is forced to charge 21% VAT to bring.

    The conversation between the client and the (legal representative of the) client, during which the goals and wishes of the client are discussed before the start of the care provision. This conversation is part of the method of Ontdek Autisme and is therefore a condition for the conclusion of a care agreement.

    Evaluation interview
    The conversation that takes place periodically between the supervisor and the (legal) representative of the client. This interview is part of the method and is therefore a condition for providing care.

    The client is the recipient of the organization’s care provision. Being with client too intended to be his legal representative. Start of the assignment The moment at which guidance, advice, training or the activities that Ontdek Autisme organizes.

    Providing care and everything that has to do with the care provision process. Tothink of (temporary) guidance, advice, training or taking care of activities.

    The termination of the agreed assignment or the relocation of the starting time of the agreed work. Article 2 – Applicability All quotations and agreements, as well as their implementation, are governed by the these terms and conditions, which form a whole with the agreements that Ontdek Autisme closes with the client. Deviations must be made in writing by Ontdek Autisme be recorded. The General Terms and Conditions, and the agreements of which they are part replace all previous verbally agreed agreements on the same topic. By making an appointment for care and / or care to be provided by Ontdek Autisme by using the care provided by Ontdek Autisme, the client the applicability of these conditions. Furthermore, the client deemed to have accepted the applicability of these terms and conditions in the event of any by him orally, by telephone, by fax, by e-mail or in any other way given assignments. If Ontdek Autisme has agreed in writing with applicability of deviating conditions remain, even if this is not explicitly stated these General Terms and Conditions remain in full force. Under Ontdek Autisme is also understood in these General Terms and Conditions, those on behalf of or in carry out the assignment for Ontdek Autisme. In particular, it will also be the case for them in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions must be taken. All rights and claims, as in these conditions and in any further agreements for Ontdek Autisme are negotiated, are equally stipulated for the benefit of those engaged by Ontdek Autisme intermediaries and third parties. Signing the care agreement means that you have the accepts the applicability of these General Terms and Conditions.

    Special cancellation conditions for multi-day training courses organized by
    Ontdek Autisme:

    You can register via the registration form on the website, or via an email to info@ontdekautisme.nl. Register for training with open registration treated in order of arrival.

    Confirmation of registration
    You will receive a confirmation of your registration by email.

    Participation and payment
    By submitting the registration form you undertake to pay the participant costs. The full amount must be before the start of the training met. The price includes coffee, tea and teaching materials. For whole training sessions day is also included lunch, with training at the end of the afternoon / evening a light meal.

    Cancellation by participant
    Cancellation by participant / client with the open registration
    In the event of cancellation by the participant, the following cancellation policy applies:
    – cancellation takes place in writing;
    – if canceled after the 14 day cooling-off period and more than one month before the start of thecourse, the consumer owes € 50;
    – in case of cancellation after the 14 day cooling-off period and less than one month before the start of the the course, the consumer owes 50% of the agreed price with a minimum of € 50;
    – in case of cancellation after the 14 day cooling-off period and less than two weeks before the start of the contact education / course the consumer is the full, agreed price due.
    – However, if a member is unable to attend, a colleague can always participate as a replacement.

    Cancellation by Ontdek Autisme.
    With insufficient registrations, the training can be canceled by Ontdek Autisme. You will receive a message at least 2 weeks in advance. Ontdek Autisme is in no way responsible for the damage suffered. If due to circumstances, for example due to illness of the trainer, training cannot go ahead, is discovered by Ontdek Autisme set a new date in consultation with the participants. Certification After completing a training, participants receive a certificate with a statement from participation

    Article 3 – Basis for quotations
    Quotes from Ontdek Autisme are based on the information provided by the client provided. The client guarantees that he has all the essential information for the setup
    and has provided the provision of care. Ontdek Autisme will be based on the information provided the activities to be performed by it to the best of its ability perform in accordance with the requirements of good workmanship. Reaching intended results cannot be guaranteed. Therefore there can only be talk of a “best efforts obligation” for Ontdek Autisme. All published by Ontdek Autisme offers are entirely without obligation. Quotations, data provided by Ontdek Autisme brochures and other statements made are also without obligation, unless explicitly otherwise stated. Ontdek Autisme is entitled upon or after entering into the agreement before (further)perform, require assurance from the client that both the payment obligation if the other obligations will be met. Ontdek Autisme reserves it right to change prices, in particular when that is based on (legal) requirements is necessary.

    Article 4 – Realization agreement
    The agreement between Ontdek Autisme and the client to implement the care provision comes about through the signing of the care agreement by both parties.

    Article 5 – Provision of information
    To ensure the execution of the assignment runs smoothly and according to the timetable, provided the client in time the information that Ontdek Autisme needs for the care provision. If the data required for the implementation of the healthcare agreement were not provided to Ontdek Autisme on time, it has the right to implement the suspend the assignment and / or the additional costs arising from the delay in accordance with the charge the client the usual rates. Ontdek Autisme based on the information provided to it by the client, and is therefore with a Careless transfer of information is not liable for any damage. Ontdek Autisme can only request personal data from third parties if the client requires this has given written permission. Ontdek Autisme always grants access to personal data if the client requests this.

    Article 6 – Execution of the assignment
    The assignment is performed to the best of its knowledge and ability by Ontdek Autisme in collaboration with the client. Ontdek Autisme ensures sufficient
    qualified employees. The method of Ontdek Autisme is characterized by qualitative care and constant quality improvement and therefore find there periodically evaluation interviews take place and the intake interview is a mandatory part of the care provision.

    Article 7 – Modification of the assignment
    If circumstances arise in the context of the assignment that took place at the start of if the assignment were not provided for, a solution will be sought in consultation. So if necessary, adjustment of the assignment can take place in this case. Ontdek Autisme and the the client both have the right to refrain from continuing the provision of care, if the implementation of the originally agreed care agreement by the changed circumstances has become considerably more difficult or has become impossible. Article 9 in that case applies fully. Upon continuation of the assignment the adjusted and new conditions are added to the care agreement.

    Article 8 – Temporary termination of the assignment
    The assignment can be decided in consultation between the client and Ontdek Autisme to stop temporarily. This serves one month before the time when the care becomes temporary to be confirmed in writing by the client to the family coordinator stating the reason.

    Article 9 – Termination of the assignment
    A notice period of one month applies to the termination of the healthcare agreement. After the client must give written notice of the termination by telephone
    send confirmation to Ontdek Autisme with again the reason for it terminate the assignment with a signature. The healthcare agreement isentered into for an indefinite period. Therefore, the client can decide at any time terminate the agreement. He must observe the cancellation period. Ontdek Autisme has the right to immediately supervise, receive or train a client cancel or refuse. In a financial sense, the assignment is closed once all charged Accompanied hours are paid.

    Article 10 – Employees Ontdek Autisme
    Ontdek Autisme is possible in consultation with the client during the duration of the care agreement decide to assign another counselor to the client if they
    believes that this is necessary for the execution of the assignment. The change may be the quality of the work to be performed, nor the continuity of adversely affect the assignment. A replacement in supervisor can also be requested by the client takes place in consultation with Ontdek Autisme. The client may during the execution of the assignment and within six months after the termination of the do not enter into a direct care agreement with the supervisor.

    Article 11 – Rates
    The fee for the execution of the assignment, plus any travel costs and a travel time allowance, as agreed in the healthcare agreement. If after the conclusion of the care agreement by the client is specified he wants to use an extra service from Ontdek Autisme, then these costs charged separately. The rates of Ontdek Autisme are listed on the website and can be requested at any time. A rate increase can be at any time implemented.

    Article 12 – Payment conditions
    The fee, plus any travel costs and a travel time allowance, as is agreed in the care agreement, will be charged monthly. Payment must be made by direct debit, for which the client grants permission when signing the care agreement. If in In exceptional cases there is a payment by bank, then a payment term applies from seven days following the declaration date. If payment is not made, you can Ontdek Autisme rely on the uncertainty conception, as expressed in article 6: 263 of the Dutch Civil Code, and suspend the execution of the assignment until full payment has been made occurred. In the event of liquidation, bankruptcy, seizure, termination of the PGB or Suspension of payment from the client, the claims of Ontdek Autisme are up the client immediately due and payable. If the client fails in the fulfill its obligations, then all reasonable costs come to obtain satisfaction. The client is liable for compliance with the obligations, regardless of the declaration of the declaration. If the PGB fails, is the client is personally liable for paying the costs.

    Article 13 – Obligation to purchase agreed work
    The client is obliged to purchase the agreed work. In the if planned work cannot be performed due to circumstances, the guidance hours and travel time will only be charged if the cancellation is made by the client within 24 hours before the start of the supervision takes place. If the supervisor arrives within 24 hours before the start of the If you unsubscribe from counseling, Ontdek Autisme will do its best for the ter make available a replacement supervisor. If Ontdek Autisme an appointment cancels, no costs will be charged.

    Article 14 – Intellectual property
    Ontdek Autisme is constantly working internally on developing methodologies that connect with the target group of Ontdek Autisme and which are used for implementation of the assignment. These methods are and remain the property of Ontdek Autisme. Disclosure and distribution can therefore only take place after Ontdek Autisme granted permission.

    Article 15 – Confidentiality and personal data
    Ontdek Autisme is required all documents and information related to the to treat the client confidentially. The client goes with signing the healthcare agreement agrees to the processing of personal data of the client his legal representative. The Ontdek Autisme Privacy Regulations of application.

    Article 16 – Care file
    The care file is a fundamental part of the care provided by Ontdek Autisme. Therefore, both the family coordinator and the supervisor make the most of it exercise due care in the preparation of the file. The healthcare file 13/08 After completion, it is handed over to the client, who is allowed to own it consider.

    Article 17 – Liability
    Ontdek Autisme is liable for shortcomings in the execution of the assignment to the extent that these are the result of failure to observe due care, expertise and craftsmanship by Ontdek Autisme, which when performing the assignment may be trusted. Liability for damage caused by the shortcomings, is limited to the amount that Ontdek Autisme for her received work within the framework of the assignment. Ontdek Autisme reimburses a maximum of € 5,000. Any claims must be submitted within three months of discovery of the damage. Ontdek Autisme is not liable for all (consequential) damage, nor for damage suffered by third parties or caused by force majeure. Ontdek Autisme is not liable for personal injury caused by participating programs developed by Ontdek Autisme.

    Article 18 – Applicable law
    Only Dutch law applies to this agreement.

    Article 19 – Right of complaint
    Ontdek Autisme has a complaints procedure that the client can use to make.

    Article 20 – Adopting and changing General Terms and Conditions
    These Terms and Conditions are determined by the management of Ontdek Autisme. The management reserves the right to change the General Terms and Conditions.

    Article 21 – Quote title
    These General Terms and Conditions are cited as: Discover General Terms and Conditions Autism.

    August 1, 2015

    The Complaints Procedure
    Ontdek Autisme handles your possible complaint in confidence.
    The organization stands for quality and constantly strives to prevent complaints.
    Your complaint will be used to serve you and other customers even better in the future
    can be.

    • Ontdek Autisme handles your possible complaint in confidence. The organization stands for quality and constantly strives to prevent complaints. Your complaint will used to serve you and other customers even better in the future to be.
    • Complaints and the method of handling are registered and for the duration of 1 year saved. All complaints are handled by Mr. Jasper Kok-Roosjen van Ontdek Autisme.
    • After receiving the complaint, Ontdek Autisme will inform you in writing within 7 days
    he has received a complaint and is investigating it.
    • You will be heard within 28 days of receiving the complaint.
    • Ontdek Autisme makes a decision and shares it within 28 days after being heard also to the complainant.
    • If the complainant accepts the decision, an action plan will be drawn up to structurally resolve the relevant complaint.
    • The person submitting the complaint will be informed orally / in writing about the status of the complaint.
    • In the event of disputes about the handling of the complaint, Ontdek Autisme works together with Marjon Kuipers from the Autism Academy. Marjon Kuipers acts as independent third party. The advice of this independent third party is binding for Ontdek Autisme. Marjon Kuipers can be reached via info@auticomm.nl.
    • If the complaint is completed, the complaints procedure is also completed. The concerned
    complaint and all correspondence are kept for a period of one year.

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