Autism Experience

What is the Autism Experience?

Do you want to increase your insight into autism? Follow the Autism Experience at Discover Autism (Ontdek Autisme). In one part of the day you experience what an intense stimulation of your senses does to you, and how you react if the environment does not fit in with your own way of thinking. This confronts you with your own thinking patterns and views and leads to autism-friendly tips.

The Autism Experience is suitable for healthcare and education professionals, the business community, neighborhood teams, board members, associations and parent initiatives and loved ones. We work in a practical and targeted way, in a relaxed atmosphere.

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A very interesting and clear lecture on autism and stress… In short; very positive and we will definitely invite the gentlemen again

– Roos Venema, coördinator at Erasmus University

Agenda (by place name)

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  • You are welcome fifteen minutes before the start for a cup of coffee or tea
  • First half of the workshop (1,5 hour)
  • Short break  (15 minutes)
  • Second half of the workshop (1,25 hour)
  • Informal opportunity to chat and ask personal question

The whole Autism Experience will take about three hours.



  • The investment is €77,50 per person, inclusive coffee and tea.


Time investment

  • Workshop: 3 hours


Interested in an incompany training?

We are able to perform a variety of presentations, please let us know what you would like and we wil give you a good offer. Click on this link if you would like a suitable proposal for an incompany-request.


  • The autism experience is suitable for anyone with an interest in the world of a person with autism.
  • This evening we make the link to autism in the working environment. And of course you are als welcome if you are having family or teaching people with autism.


At the 14th of september we will give the try-out at:



Discover Autism offers customized training at every location you would like. Are you interested in an in-company training? Please, feel invited to fill in the application form to discover what we can do for your team, organization, association, school, institution or company.


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Roos Venema – Coördinator at Erasmus University

“Jasper and Max gave a very interesting and clear lecture on autism and stress during an event at Erasmus University. Max could very well tell from his own experiences and from the audience I understood that this was an eye opener for many colleagues. Also the communication in advance went smoothly, giving the lecture in English was no problem and there was good thinking within the possibilities that we had. In short; very positive and we will definitely invite the gentlemen again!” 


 Matty Hendriks Lecturer HAN University of Applied Sciences

“Jasper offered our international group of students a powerful workshop about autism. It really helps to understand the challenges that people with autism may face and also what their strengths can be. Jasper is a terrific workshopleader and his colleagues, who are all experience experts, give an interesting addition by talking about their own experiences with autism.” 

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